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DOGE has continued to rise recently. According to the market data of, DOGE has risen as much as 98.73% today, and the current rise is 106%, with the highest price being $0.005414. It is reported that has opened DOGE leveraged lending services and 3 times leveraged transactions to support financial lending and mortgage lending

Sites That Accept Dogecoin

According to Virgin Coin Squad, there are currently 54 large companies that accept cryptocurrencies (although the actual number is much higher), and only two of them - MazeFit (Sportswear) and Shiny Leaf (Cosmetics) - do not accept Bitcoin. The other 53 - including Microsoft, Expedia, Mozilla and Shopify - all accepted BTC, 25 accepted Litecoin, 13 accepted Ethereum, 14 accepted Bitcoin cash, 12 accepted Monero, and 15 accepted Dogecoin. In other words, Bitcoin is the most useful cryptocurrencies as a payment method for the simple reason that any merchant that accepts any encryption will almost certainly accept Bitcoin, which no other coin can say.