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Assuming that there are connections in an ideal nested network that should not occur, it is easier to disappear. These connections may occur in the future when some connections are added to significantly increase the nesting of the network. This means that future trade relationships between trade products can be predicted to occur or disappear based on the contribution of each edge in the current trade network to network nesting.

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Economic Watch network reporters from Vale learned that so far, more than 100 Chinese steel mills and Vale have conducted RMB transactions, most of which are in Chinese ports of spot RMB transactions. Vale has traded in renminbi from large and smaller steel companies, in addition to Baowu Group, as well as Hegang Group, Shagang Group and Hualing Group.

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Table locks lock the entire table when they manipulate data, resulting in poor product performance, while row locks lock only the data that needs to be operated, and the parallel performance is good. However, because locking itself consumes resources (getting locks, checking locks, releasing locks, etc.) can save a lot of resources by using table locks when there is more lock data.