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The most successful internet brands, such as Facebook, YouTube and Reddit, are the products they offer that attract billions of users, not their own investment opportunities. A lot of people do buy stocks, but most people use the most successful products of our Internet age, like Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit, and people buy or consume what they want to use, rather than investing in them and waiting to make a profit.

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In the initial condition the market maker owns 100% of the USD in its connector and therefore has no net liability (USD it must buy buy back). The book value of the MMS is equal to the value of the EOS holding in the connector plus the collateral EOS and minus any exchange USD sold from the connector. After this start setup anyone can buy USD from the market maker so setes a future buy-back liability on the MMS holders. The metric properties of the Bancor Relay algorithm means as users buy USD from the market maker the offer-price will increase. If everyone who bought USD then then sold it back then the connectors wy end up in its first. Any fees charged on the trades will result in a net increase in EOS held in the connector balance.