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Bitcoin scoffed that the dog shouldn't be called doge, it should be called a loyal dog. Ethereum does not understand this terrier, can not detect malice or goodwill, she probably the only thing she can feel is that her dog can accompany themselves home from school every day feel very happy.

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If a 0 confirmation transaction needs to be recorded, it must be detected that the transaction cannot be a RBF transaction, specifically that the nSequence field value in the input transaction must be 0xffffff, and that any nSequence that contains a non-0xffffff value in any unconfirmed transaction should be rejected.

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The generation’s anonymous coins are led by Monero (Monero) and ZCash (ZCash). After the birth of Bytecoin, the consensus community of Bytecoin began to have different voices, believing that single pass ring signature technology is not enough to make privacy protection strong Therefore, Monero (Monero) and ZCash (Zcoin) were born in 2014. Strictly speaking, the above two anonymous currencies are a branch of Bytecoin, and they are also the initial competitors in the anonymous currency market.