dogecoin price in sri lanka

dogecoin price in sri lanka, Dynamics of the cost changes of 865000 Rupees (LKR) in Dogecoins (DOGE)

In a public call posted on its website on November 29, the central bank announced that it was looking for technology companies that could establish "proof-of-concept" shared KYC systems for its banking sector, according to CoinDesk. The project is a collaboration between the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the scientific and technological sector throughout Sri Lanka, as it involves "experts" in Sri Lanka's science, technology finance and technology industry. "The growing demand for digital financial services provides Sri Lanka with an opportunity to assess the potential for the adoption of blockchain technology to further advance Sri Lanka's financial sector," the bank said in a press release. The Shared KYC system outlined in the press release will allow commercial banks and central governments to share and update customer data on the blockchain.