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The first preview snapshot of Qt 6.0 was released. Qt 6.0 is still in its early stages of development and has not yet frozen functionality, with the first snapshot providing binary files and focusing only on the basic Qt module. With six months to go before Qt 6.0's scheduled release date, there is no guarantee that all parts of the pre-release snapshot will work as expected after that, officials said. The first snapshot provides only binary files for the desktop platform, which is under development for mobile platforms and embedded Linux. Therefore, if testing is required, it must be built from source code. Qt 6.0 requires support for C.17, and it's better to use Qt 5.15 if you want to use an older compiler. (Open Source China)

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Cold wallet refers to the hardware wallet that does not need networking, can be divided into hardware wallet, paper wallet and brain wallet, more for more assets and less frequent use, compared to hot wallet will be more secure, but to create wallets and transactions are not very convenient, but also need to be transferred to hot wallet.