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The average number of unconfirmed transactions in Bitcoin rose 27.2 per cent this week, while the average number of unconfirmed transactions in Ethereum rose 37.53 per cent. As of September 2, bitcoin had an average of 3,390 unconfirmed transactions in seven days, up 27.2% month-on-month. As of September 2, Ethereum had an average of 62,451 unconfirmed transactions, up 37.53 per cent from the past week. The lowest value was 15,861, while the highest was 84,378.

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Robinhood will soon restart cash management, according to Robinhood COO Gretchen Howard, a cryptocurrencies trading app, CCN reported. It was previously reported that the cash management feature was launched by Robinhood in December 2018, but was quickly shut down.