dogecoin news update 2021

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According to Hotcoin Global's latest announcement, it will open its SAR-ES charging business at 10:00 on May 3 and SAR-ES/USDT trading at 15:00 on May 3. According to reports, the Energy Pass (SAR-ES) is a commodity digital pass issued by THE Digital Asset Exchange commissioned by China Transocean Petrochemical Co., Ltd., which is mainly used by the enterprise to engage in international crude oil and refined oil trade, expand market share and seize the crude oil supply market in China and Asia. SAR-ES counterparty trade behavior is chain management, to facilitate SAR-ES energy pass holders access to trade information.

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Eos. IO software produces a block precisely every 0.5 seconds, and at any one time only one producer is available to produce the block. If there is no block generation within a predetermined time, skip the block. Accordingly, when one or more blocks are skipped, there is an interval of 0.5 seconds or more in the blockchain.