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cryptocurrency dogecoin reddit, XRP falls sharply after soaring 50% but Dogecoin is holding on, with day traders looking for new targets and Elon Musk fanning interest | Currency News | Financial and Business News

Data: More than 80% of Reddit users use FortNite's Brick tokens to transfer money. Reddit's r/FortNiteBR community transfers almost five times as many ERC-20 tokens as the r/CryptoCurrency community. Just two weeks after Reddit launched its Ethereum-based community credit system, more than 15,000 users have performed nearly 18,000 token transfers, and more than 80 percent of them use FortNite's Brick tokens, according to DappRadar's Reddit Points Tracker. Note: It was previously announced that Reddit was testing community credits in the form of Ethereum ELC-20 tokens, the first to issue $MOONS and $BRICKS Ethereum tokens, which will be issued to members of the /r/Cryptocurrency and/r/FortniteBR communities, which currently have 1 million and 1.3 million subscribers, respectively.

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SALT, a cryptocurrencies-backed loan service, announced this week that it now accepts the cryptocurrencies Dogecoin (DOGE) as collateral. SALT users can now use their DOGE holdings to obtain dollar loans. SALT is understood to have backed BTC, Ethereum and Litecoin as collateral on its platform. (Sludgefeed)

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(ChainDD) October 17 (Xinhua) -- CryptoCompare, the digital money market data supply, has released its CryptoCompare Research Report, which investigates the classification of encrypted assets and various ways to classify these tags, according to Cryptoglobe. The report provides a new classification that reflects what CryptoCompare considers "the most natural packet of encryption patterns at this time"