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TokenGazer Researcher Tiger: Unlike other joint mining projects, such as Namecoin and Dogecoin, RSK has additional Coinbase mining incentives, only in terms of transaction costs, but based on the current volume of transactions on the RSK chain, does the incentive not seem strong and does RSK need to have a promotion plan for joint mining?

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Elitefixtures, which conducts a survey of cryptocurrencies mining, surveyed 115 different countries around the world and used Antminer S7, S9 and Avalon 6 as statistics. According to the company's survey data, an Antminer S9 needs to operate at peak levels for 548 days and consume 17,773.344 kilowatts of electricity to dig out a BTC. The Avalon 6 will take 2,194 days. In South Korea, a bitcoin would cost $26,170 to mine, Venezuela would cost $531 to mine a bitcoin, China would cost $3,172 to extract a bitcoin and Russia $4,675, according to the investigation.