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A 50-megawatt Bitcoin mine will cost about $80 million to $100 million to build, according to cryptocurrencies industry officials familiar with the technology. Using the rated specifications on Bitmain's Antminer S17 Pro mining computer and the mining profitability calculator on the website CryptoCompare, the Rockdale plant generates approximately $73 million in annual revenue at current prices. According to government data, the mine's only major input is electricity, which ranks fourth among U.S. states for the cost of electricity for industrial customers in Texas.

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Just ten days after Jackson's Twitter post, Doge coin came out. Taking advantage of the popularity of Doge and Bitcoin, the Doge coin bursts into the internet, and although it is Bitcoin's "shanzhai", it still attracts countless people to play.

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Jackson, I thought about what happened recently. What do you think of the idea of a merger? Dogecoin unfortunately uses the same mining algorithm as Litecoin. Now our miners compete with each other. And scrypt's ASIC can make things very confusing. Combining mining will solve the problem. The only problem with post-merger mining is that price linkages arise because of the different supply of the two currencies. But no matter what the price of dogecoin becomes, I think the combined dig is the perfect solution.

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Therefore, additional transaction confirmations should always be made for GPU mining coins and blockchains. Although the ratio of the cost of mining a unit of GPU to the cost of mining a unit of ASIC is difficult to calculate precisely. But the security generated by GPU mining must be discounted. After all, it's too easy to get GPU mining hardware.