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Members of the Dogecoin community generously donated a Doge-themed NASCAR car and sent a real Dogecoin to the moon. The community has also donated Dogecoin to charity, sponsoring wells dug in Kenya to provide clean drinking water. These types of behavior make the Dogecoin community part of it, which in turn leads to Doge's unlikely position in the top cryptocurrencies.

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Recently, the network security company Comparitech reported that due to poor security, UFO VPN user information database is leaking data every day, including: account password, VPN session secrets and tokens, user devices and their connected VPN server IP address, connection timestamps, geotabels, devices and operating system characteristics, which is contrary to many VPNs self-proclaimed "do not record user access logs" feature. It is reported that the database found today exposes more than 20 million user logs per day, and the affected devices include Android VPN applications that share the same code base and settings as UFO VPNs, such as Fast VPN, Free VPN, Super VPN, Flash VPN, Secure VPN, Rabbit VPN, etc.