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At the end of New York, the US dollar index was down 0.21% at 96.0376, the euro was up 0.11% at 1.141 against the US dollar, the Pound was up 0.27% against the US dollar at 1.2588 and the Australian dollar Against the dollar, the dollar rose 0.49% to 0.7008, the dollar fell 0.27% against the yen to 106.945 and the offshore yuan rose 289 basis points against the dollar to 6.9823.

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We talk about Bitcoin transfer, as we usually do bank transfer, we choose a bitcoin address, enter the other party's Bitcoin address, enter the amount you want to transfer, enter the handling fee to the miners, and then sign with the private key, after submission waiting for the miners to process. Through the encryption mechanism, A randomly generated private key can correspond to only one address, ensuring the legitimacy of issuing bitcoins at each address.