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Pros: Security is strongest and does not depend on anything but the disadvantages of the network: Inconvenient considerations: Never generate seeds online. Use a secure offline air gap computer, along with an official wallet downloaded from the official website, or use a virtual address generator. Where possible, use an encrypted disk image or hard drive to increase security if your computer is stolen. Do not put your account in your pocket until you want to reduce online seed exposure or sign a deal using an offline device. Also pay attention to keylogger, hidden camera, etc.

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According to Coindesk, the Zcash Foundation provides funding to Mercer. Mercer, an independent developer who has been working for free to develop and maintain Zcash's Windows Wallet software, has threatened to stop working. If Mercer stops developing Windows Wallet software, the most popular zcash wallet software will leave hundreds of thousands of users without available wallets after the Sapling upgrade.