is dogecoin worth mining 2021

is dogecoin worth mining 2021, dogecoin doge

Over the past few weeks, the coin has been hailed as one of the most lucrative in the "alt" season. DOGE observed a 48.8 per cent jump since the previous 14 days. Viral TikTok videos that drive viewers to buy shanzhai coins are also one of the reasons Dogecoin has pushed prices soaring.

is dogecoin worth mining 2021, dog doge

Later a friend and I said A-token wallet airdrot DOGE (dog coin), single number 66DOGE, just create a wallet. And DOGE transfer fees are cheap, at that time only 0.0001 DOGE on it. Originally a dog coin is only about a penny, the handling fee is actually one in ten thousand, this is not close to free? (Because you're used to Ethereum fees and prices) And then you know, the official 500,000 dog money was quickly ewaned.