is it worth mining dogecoin

is it worth mining dogecoin, Why don't people mine for dogecoin, and why is it worth so little?

Dogeparty is not just a new coin, it has more meaning. Content creators and event planners can use Dogeparty, and charities can solicit Donations from Dogecoin in exchange for coins so that we can receive a copy of their work, a ticket to their event, or some other reward, such as a crowdfunding platform. This may seem counterintuitive to the original intention of destroying Dogecoin, but Dogeparty can go a long way in helping Dogecoin emerge from the shadow of the recent recession.

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When looking for ways to answer the question of how to get free bitcoins, be aware that there are many fraudsters there. Always do some research to see if other users have posted the website you want to use on the cryptocurrencies forum. Never deposit money on a promised website unless you can prove it is legal. Most websites that actually offer free Bitcoin do not require any initial investment.

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In essence, DOGE is a Mim coin. But it is also a secure cryptocurrency - a study last year found that DOGE is the third most resistant cryptocurrency to a potential 51% attack, after Bitcoin and Ethereum.