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FireCoin Global Station announced the opening of Dogecoin (DOGE) recharge operations today at 9:00 pm, doGE/USDT at 17:00 pm, DOGE/BTC, DOGE/ETH transactions, simultaneous opening of Dogecoin (DOGE) withdrawal business.

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The world's top 10 exchanges IDAX online and offline linkage to help dog money ecological construction, July 11 officially launched dog coins, open DOGE / USDT trading pairs, in the Aurora module for a limited time to snap up, 48 hours do not break, and throw millions of DOGE airdrot gift (top up 2 million DOGE, trade 4 million DOGE, trade back 100% handling fee). The partnership will build digital currency scenarios, value management, marketing and community activity to enhance the industry's impact and competitiveness.

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The graph tracks the price comparison between the shanzhai coin and Bitcoin, with the Price of Bitcoin/USD distributed at the top as a reference. As you can see, the overall trend shows that the price of the shanzhai coin against Bitcoin has plummeted.