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Vitalik Buterin Sells Off Dogecoin Clones: SHIB, AKITA, and Others Face Massive Dump

Clone is copy's super trait, and a type must first implement Clone to implement Copy. Also note that there is no method in Copy trait, so you can't call user-defined resource copy code in copy semantics, that is, you can't do deep copy. Copy semantics are bit-by-bit replication of variables in stack memory without any additional action. There is a clone method in Clone that allows users to make custom resource copies of types, which allows them to do deep copy. In clone semantics, the type of Clone::clone method is called, the programmer does resource replication in the Clone::clone method, and when the Clone:clone method returns, the stack memory of the variable is copied by bit to produce a complete new instance.

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Huobi US, a strategic partner of FireCoin Global Station and Fire Coin USA, announced that Dogecoin, a U.S. trading platform for Fire Coin Global Station, plans to officially open dog/BTC, DOGE/ETH and DOGE/USDT pairs on April 4.