will dogecoin go up again

will dogecoin go up again?

Blockchain network message, Compound founder Robert Leshner tweeted that he had bought Dogecoin (Dog Coin). Asked why he bought, Robert Leshne said he was concerned about the possibility that TikTok could drive up the price of crypto assets. The price of Dogecoin has risen sharply since a short video platform, TikTok, went viral, according to chain news.

do you claim dogecoin on taxes, r/dogecoin - Paying income tax (Capital Gains Tax) on dogecoin profits question

If you do not file a tax return or commit fraud (filing a false return or intentionally attempting to evade taxes), the IRS can review your return indefinitely. In addition to the fact that cryptocurrencies transactions on the chain are always recorded in indelible public ledgers, this is why not submitting a return is the biggest mistake an encrypted user can make. If you don't file your tax return, you won't initiate restrictions, and you may always be liable for back taxes.