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The problem is that one or more generals may have defected and tried to misinfound information to disrupt the war plan. In this regard, our question is, how many mutiny generals can exist in this army and can still operate normally and uniformly?

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We think a lot of people are overreacting! What's happening in the country hasn't changed the fundamental nature of Bitcoin, all of its features still exist, it's not affecting users and businesses around the world, they're still using it normally, the German government hasn't repealed its legislation on Bitcoin, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke hasn't changed his mind about Bitcoin, the de-centric nature of Bitcoin hasn't changed, the total hasn't changed... Nothing's changed! Fortunately, it won't change, because Bitcoin doesn't have a central body and can't change! So have users in more than 100 countries changed? The answer is no! Just look at the overseas news to know that recently there are many merchants to receive Bitcoin, and many companies into the Bitcoin industry! The situation is indeed very different from what we have seen in our country.