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Dogecoin has become a famous joke coin with its logo on a fire dog, which - to everyone's surprise - has actually begun to accumulate values since its inception in December 2013. GoCoin, the international payment platform, announced plans to support dogecoin, however, with its relatively low price against the U.S. dollar ($1 dogecoin , $0.0008618 as of the time of writing), meaning it is easier to popularize and facilitate. The dogcoin community regularly launches fund-raising campaigns, such as raising $30,000 to help the Jamaican bobsleigh team reach the Sochi Winter Olympics. Recently, the Dogecoin Foundation has renewed a campaign to raise $50,000 for new wells in drought-hit areas of Kenya. Kevin Bollegaard, Vice President of Engineering GoCoin, said, "We love the spirit of the Dogecoin community and our merchants are ready to accept it to join Bitcoin and Litecoin. "

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Online broker TD Ameritrade has invested in the cryptocurrencies exchange ErisX. TD Ameritrade customers previously traded bitcoin futures through CBOE, but now their customers can trade other cryptocurrencies futures.