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Introduction: Last week, chain gamer founder Moon Hare continued the "play earn game" series live, and explained the mission of the chain game industry, as well as the role of chain gamers in it. More chain gamer farm play revealed, junior partner interpretation and so on.

Introduction: Chain Gamer founder Moon Hare held a total of 9 "hands-on to teach you to play the game" live activities, each person is very explosive shed, in the promotion of blockchain game this piece, Moon Hare has done more than most people in the industry.

40 moon cakes, 25 peripheral, candy, available to everyone! Mid-Autumn Festival, coin world united FCS five-color stone, D, OCX exchange, WBFex exchange, OceanEX exchange to give benefits to coin friends! Play the game to help the moon, you can take 40 moon cakes, 25 peripheral (OceanEX T-shirts, "The Beauty of Mathematics" books), FCS, CNNS tokens, etc., available to everyone. Share the poster to WeChat and pick it up now.

Looking forward to more traditional game people can participate in the chain tour Lang Moon Breeze (main page tour, hand tour)

With Dogecoin following suit, Litecoin, Binance Coin continues to decline sharply.

The German, head of the official development team for dog coins, is responsible for the development and maintenance of Dogecoin Core, MultiDoge and Dogecoin Android Wallet.

dogecoin to the moon game

dogecoin to the moon game

The phrase "To Da Moon" refers to the rapid rise in prices. It is generally believed that the Dogecoin community made the phrase popular.

That would be a smarter move for banks. Because they know that once they join the game and start issuing cryptocurrencies, regulations will follow, which will lead to the regulation of existing currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin. can also be said to be a kind of hijacking of cryptocurrencies.

Popular implementations: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, (mostly)

to moon

to moon

"Legend" vocabulary is also the platform's advertising text high-frequency vocabulary, Blue Moon's 3 legendary games divided into game app advertising amount Top3, respectively, "Extreme Blue Moon," "Big Brother Legend," "Fun Blue Moon"

Guest Ji Ru-moon: Games have always been accompanied by technological progress will be integrated into emerging technologies. With the popularity of mobile terminals, the game has also entered the mobile side. vr as a play carrier is absorbed by the game. Then when blockchain appears, its essence is absorbed by the game.

The game initially allowed users to bet on HXRO (worth about 5 cents) to determine whether the price of bitcoin would rise or fall within five minutes. While the game is steeped in crypto-sarcasm, calling price fluctuations MOON or REKT, the bet is real.

Recently, SuperFly Games issued cryptocurrencies market game "Crypto Rider", the game will be the market into "slope" or "gorge" and so on, players can choose the market route and "cryptocurrencies car" (Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Dogecoin, etc.) to play the game. Daniel Fahey, founder of SuperFly Games, said: "There is no particularly serious intention to develop this game, as players can just play with ease, because it's just a small game in a "serious cryptocurrencies world." "

In September, the price of dog coins rose sharply as investors invested capital into the under-stocked dog coin market. In particular, PayPal announced a partnership with GoCoin to support Dogecoin payments. On September 26th the price of dog coins increased by almost 300% in the month, leading many dog coins fans to shout "Moon!"

Dogecoin Analysis.

Dogecoin Analysis.

And this series of cross-category mergers and acquisitions decisions may come from the popularity of a game, the Israeli company Moon Active.

On March 13, the official microblog of "Play Blue Moon" issued a statement saying that the game of playing Blue Moon and playing games for the company's own brand, the company's current legal person and shareholders are with the Game of Thrones and Wang Yue have no practical relationship, there is no part of the media reports that Jiangxi game actual control is Wang Yue personal, Yanying network is Jiangxi greedy parent company situation.

Another criminal judgment against Hu, an employee of TEG Customer Service/ Game Service Center, explains how an ordinary employee can achieve job appropriation. Hu is responsible for the online game "Tianya Ming Moon Knife" players on the game props complaints and treatment, with the player to supplement the game props permission, this permission let him move a "wrong mind"

When the wind is calm, you will not know me, I am on the way to the game wind and rain, spend a good full moon moment, you will not pay attention to me, I am in the distant other side of the beatles wearing the moon, my figure in each K line flashing, and in the vast form of silence.

Chain Game Player founder Moon Hare in the live broadcast for the chain travel industry has been divided into three types of mission, in summary, chain game industry is the most suitable for the future development of blockchain technology scene.