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There are several platforms that can convert power into rewards. The four most important are cloud mining platform, arithmetic market, PPLNS ore pool and PPS mine pool.

At present, the distribution methods of the mine pool are: PPS, PPS plus, FPPS, PPLNS and SOLO mode. The rates charged by the mine pools vary depending on how they are allocated.

Under some mine pool service fee settlement models (e.g. PPS, PPS plus, FPPS), the miners are paid a profit even if the pool itself finds a valid block. In other words, in the foreforement, the mine pool assumed the risk of not digging the coin, which meant "advance" Bitcoin. If the miners themselves have more power and less demand for the mine pool to advance bitcoins, the incentive to select the pool is weak.

"The difference between PPLNS and PPS is that PPS first ideally assumes that the daily returns of the pool are fixed, and then distributes the returns according to the proportion of capacity held by the miners (this model places a lot of pressure on the pools)

The staff also said that the fire coin pool uses FPPS, PPS multiple distribution modes. Currently, BTC and ETH use FPPS mode, while BCH, ETC, LTC, DCR use PPS mode. He further explained that "the fire coin pool also provides many benefits for miners, for example, 'mining is mining', i.e. hpTs are given for mining in the gun coin pool and various rewards for holding HPTs, which actually get more and more security." "

Let's start by seeing what the FPPS settlement model is. FPPS is a settlement model introduced by BTC Mineral Pool on February 17th, fullppingPPS (Full PPS), which distributes all block earnings, including transaction fees. Compared to the traditional PPS settlement model (no transaction fees) can increase the yield by about 5%.

The income distribution of the mine pool is mainly: PPLNS, PPS, PROP three forms.

Spark Mine Pool is the first mine pool to implement PPS plus in China. Pay Per Share Plus is a model in which pools and miners distribute profits, adding transaction fees to the PPS model. In this mode, transaction fees need to be allocated to miners.

pps dogecoin pool

pps dogecoin pool

FPPS: i.e. full PPS, both the theoretical blocking reward for the mine pool and the theoretical transaction fee income over a period of time are settled according to PPS.

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PPS mode.

PPS mode.

Come, knock on the blackboard, today let me start from the income model to talk about the mine pool rate of the way and the opposite way it is well known that the income model is generally divided into five, the vast majority of the mine pool can not escape these five types of income model fence. They are PPS, PPLNS, PPS Plus, FPPS, and SOLO.

FPPS: Full PPS (Full PPS), the block reward and network transaction fees are allocated to miners, the mine pool charges a small portion as a service fee, the current FPPS service fee is basically 4%. Compared to the traditional PPS settlement model (no transaction fees) can be increased by about 10%-20%.